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At SvenskaSportspel, you can recharge your life batteries and get yourself ready to face on life’s challenges once again with a resolute heart and a recharged soul

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Our retreats are designed to clear the mind and body of stress, tension and anxiety. You can come to us if you are feeling weary and no longer able to continue a difficult and stressful life. Let us help you get rid of anything weighing you down. When you finish SvenskaSportspel retreats, you will feel as though you can take on anything that life will throw at you.

SvenskaSportspel conducts activities with experts guiding retreatants. Everyone is welcome at SvenskaSportspel; we accept everyone who comes into our door for spiritual and mental help. We will assist you every step of the way until the ened of the retreat. We serve healthy meals, the ingredients of which are picked right from our backyard garden.

Our activities are centered at holistic healing. We have spiritual retreats, mental exercises and physical activities that will ensure that your entire person will be energized once again as soon as you step out of SvenskaSportspel.


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SvenskaSportspel sets activities for the seven day retreat which starts at 7 am and ends at 4 pm. After the 4 pm finish, retreatants have the option to do whatever they want inside the grounds until bedtime at 10 pm.

Dinner is set at 7 pm, a community dinner where all participants will eat together with the camp directors and staff. Activities listed herein are not in order. The camp directors have the hand in setting the time for each.

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